I. General concepts
Regulations - these regulations
Website - website of "slashstore.pl", operating at https://slashstore.pl
Service provider - the company "Slash Skateshop Kamil Krulisz" with the registered office address: ul. Stawowa 3, 40-095 Katowice, NIP: 2220893780,
Service Recipient - any natural person accessing the Website and using the services provided via the Website by the Service Provider.
Communication by Electronic Means - Communication between the parties via electronic mail (e-mail) and contact forms available on the website.
II. General provisions
The Regulations define the rules for the functioning and use of the Website and define the scope of rights and obligations of the Service Recipients and the Service Provider related to the use of the Website.
The subject of the Service Provider's services is to provide free tools in the form of the Website, enabling the Service Recipients to access content in the form of entries, articles and audiovisual materials or internet applications and electronic forms
Any possible content, articles and information containing the features of tips or advice published on the Website are only a general collection of information and are not addressed to individual Service Recipients. The Service Provider is not responsible for their use by the Service Recipients.
The Service Recipient takes full responsibility for the manner of using the materials made available on the Website, including their use in accordance with applicable law.
The Service Provider does not provide any guarantee as to the usefulness of the materials placed on the Website.
The Service Provider is not liable for any damages incurred by Service Users or third parties in connection with the use of the Service. All risks associated with the use of the Website, and in particular with the use and exploitation of information placed on the Website, are borne by the Service Recipient who uses the services of the Website.